Via Level
$20 USD/yr
  • + Keep 100% of Rights & Royalties
  • + Quick & Easy Distribution
  • + Release to TikTok, Instagram & Facebook
  • + 5 Primary Artists
  • + Editorial and Playlist Consideration
  • + More
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What You Get With Level
Upload to Major Streaming Services
Release your music via Level to all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TIDAL, and more.
Fast Music Distribution
Our expert Artist Support team is here every step of the way to get your music out when you need it.
Editorial Consideration
Our Editorial program highlights emerging artists through our social channels, Blog, and playlist curation. To be considered, simply release your music #ViaLevel. Learn more.
Distribute to Social Media
Reach more listeners by sharing your music on the most popular social apps including TikTok and Instagram Stories.
Multiple Primary Artists
Manage and release from a roster of multiple Primary artists from a single account.
Smart Release Pages
Showcase your music with convenient landing pages so your fans can easily pre-save and listen on their preferred music service.
Catalog Transfer
Easily transfer your existing releases to Level, keeping your streaming data and counts.
Production Credits
Give credit where it’s due — with songwriting, production, and performance credits distributed to stores.
Frequently Asked Questions
How soon will my release be out?
Our Artist Support team listens to every track and reviews every detail to make sure your release meets store guidelines. Once everything’s in order, your release should go live in 2-3 business days on most streaming services. Learn more.
Does Level take a cut of my earnings?
No. When you distribute via Level, you own 100% of your rights and royalties — you’re in full control.
How can I get featured on Level’s social media channels and Editorial program?
Our Editorial team spotlights Level artists through our social channels, blog, and playlist curation. Release via Level to automatically be considered. Learn more.